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Top 10 Men's Health Issues, Physical & Emotional & Dad Bod

Some men are all in when it comes to exercise and taking care of their physical health, some, well, not so much. This article is going to address the top 10 Health Concerns for Men. This is the first of several articles for and about Men's Health- Physical & Emotional.

June brings attention to men, obviously, for Father's Day. We show our appreciation and love for that special man in our life. It's also a popular time for most of them as they enjoy grilling out, participating in summer games and spending time with their family.

Most often men do not seek regular healthcare for these common reasons, they feel they don't: have a health concern, don't have the time, it's too expensive, they don't need a bunch of tests, don't have insurance, I'm tough without one, and they are scared of the results.

The number one health concern for men is Cardiovascular; Heart health and/or stroke. Men need to be concerned about blood pressure, cholesterol and circulation, Symptoms are usually the last to appear.

Respiratory; COPD, lung cancer, is the number two health concern. If you smoke or use tobacco, STOP. This one is pretty self-explanatory.

Number three health concern for men is Alcohol use. This one is important because it may start out as one or two after work and slowly increases as their stress level does.

Depression and suicide are the fourth major health concern for men. Mental health, as shown in the news a lot lately, affects people differently and at different stages through life. Veterans are coming back with more than just physical injuries (22 suicides per day). Suicide is up for people of all ages. There is no shame is talking to someone about your feelings.

Accidents are also a major health concern for men, 5th of the top 10. Safety should be paramount while working at home or on-the-job. One in four people will have some form of mental health issue at some point in their life. Not all will be "diagnosed", due to the stigma of people not wanting to seek help.

The sixth health issue for men is Diabetes. Our bodies are constantly changing, with age and hormones, our diet and stress; it's vital to get checked regularly, especially if you have dizzy spells or consume a lot of sugary food, or have a poor diet.

Skin cancer is the 7th top ten health issue for men. Keep a close eye on freckles, moles and your skin. Do monthly checks at home and get checked out regularly and if something looks different. Since a lot of men have jobs that require them to work outside, or if they are involved in sports, keeping a sunblock on regularly is paramount and skin cancer for men is on the rise.

HIV/AIDS is the 8th health concern for men. Influenza and Pneumonia are the 9th top 10 health issue for men. And Liver disease is the 10 top health concern for men.

Here are a few tests for men who are over 40:

  • Blood Pressure Screening

  • Cholesterol Screening

  • Tests to detect heart disease

  • Diabetes Test

  • Screening for Colon Cancer

  • Screening for Prostate Cancer

  • Dental exam

  • Eye checkup

  • Screening for Lung Cancer, especially for smokers or those who have quit smoking within 15 years

We love our men and want them around longer, and healthier! Stay tuned for an article about Rebooting, Renewing and Recharging for a Dad bod. I will also be posting a blog about mental health. Obviously, all of these health issues can be multiple articles in themselves. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, but of course, if it's health related you should consult your physician.

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