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Treatments & Classes

Essential Oils & Skin Care Services

Our clinic is unique, in that we offer: Skin care treatments and Essential Oils through one-on-one consultations, small classes, groups, themed classes, aromatouch technique, make and take events and so much more.


Our products offer a plethora of uses with efficacy proven over centuries; from the Egyptians to Chinese to modern day uses. Essential oils offer a holistic approach to health care and more (cooking, cleaning, skin care, weight management, etc.).

Essential oils have been used in skin care and beauty for centuries providing wonderful benefits.

Our Philosophy

Everyone's skin and body are different, however, over the years these oils have been found to be effective for hundreds of health issues and concerns. If one doesn't work, there are many others to choose from.


A unique treatment incorporating essential oils while performing mild massage and reflexology. Approximately 45 minute treatment offering relaxing, cleansing and uplifting. ($50-60)

Essential Oils 101​

Basic class, 30 minutes to an hour, we discuss where essential oils come from, how we use them and some of the uses. Although a basic class, we'll also share tips on how 10 basic essential oils may help clean your home, you can cook with them and they're safe for kids & pets! Many top-selling brands of deodorant, sunscreen, hand sanitizer and lotions are dirty. Dirty ( meaning they 10/10 on the toxicity scale. (Free)


 Athletes & Elderly​

An essential oils class going into more detail about uses of oils help support the body naturally, for athletes, the elderly and anyone else who may have some of these health issues. Lavender is one oil that has been known for calming, also to lessen the discomfort for wound dressing, to peppermint to may be aid in memory support. Other oils may offer some relief and support to athletes and the elderly. (Free)


From maybe aiding in getting a good night's sleep, to uplifting the mood, create feelings of clear easy breathing, soothe aches, support mental focus and clarity - choosing a quality oil from a trusted company is essential.  Save your sanity and benefit your whole family. Essential oils are safe and gentle for infants from 6 months and up. (Free-class)

Skin Care​

Oils soothe and calm the skin, beautify and nourish, comfort and cool. They offer safe support for the skin, without preservatives, chemicals, or harsh ingredients. Essential oils are multipurpose making them smart to have on hand and are powerfully concentrated, so a little goes a long way. (Minimal Fee) Optional: DIY facial using our cutting-edge, pharmaceutical grade skin care products with essential oils. With tips on how you can use essential oils for healthier skin, 


Mood Management​- Hormones, Mental Health 

Natural support for emotional well-being.  Managing emotional health has become one of the most common concerns for individuals and families. Many of us feel overwhelmed by sadness, anxiousness or unrelenting stress. Others are blocked by anger, fear or grief. Essential oils may provide safe, natural support. Learn about the three brains and how essential oils can impact mood. (Free) 


Safer, Cleaner Home​

Skip the toxins. Clean your home with essential oils. Essential oils protect against seasonal and environmental threats. They are non-toxic and don't pollute your home, the water supply or the environment. They are multi-purpose and you can save money! More than 100,000 children, under the age of 6, are sickened by household cleaners each year. Learn how to make a simple disinfectant spray, all-purpose spray, furniture polish, scrubbing paste and carpet & upholstery freshener. (Free class, if make 'n take involved, small fee)

Make 'N Takes

I offer a variety of make 'n take workshops where you and your guests, can learn a little basic info about essential oils and also make a spa product, rollerball remedy (seasonal threats, aches, etc.), sprays and other products and take them home. (Fee involved, depends on the project-supplies). 

Athlete's Care


Clean & Green (Getting rid of toxins)

Essential Oils in the Bedroom

I am Fabulous! 

Hormone Balancing 

Pets & Essential Oils 

Mental Health Class or Workshop 

Anxiety, Stress & PTSD

Outdoors & Essential Oils 

Cancer Support

Essential Oils in the Bible 

Men's Top 10 Health Concerns

Garden Party

Weight Loss & Management


Spa Parties! 

Girls Night Out

Inquire about other classes, workshops, etc.

Visit our Facebook page for upcoming classes & workshops. Evening classes & Lunch 'n Learns, Girls Night Out and Make n' Take events (Do-it-yourself products). 

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Skincare treatments customized to fit your personal needs. Achieve your goals whether corrective, restorative or preventative. 

Facial - Express 

Don't have time for a full hour treatment facial? Get an express facial to clean and moisturize your skin for a quick pick-me-up. Fresh and clean. Consultation & Analysis included. $30 for 30 minutes. Upgrades available.

Facial- One Hour Treatment

More than pampering, this one hour facial includes; consultation, analysis, deep cleansing, facial massage, special treatment mask or other treatment as needed, tone and moisturize and hand massage. Upgrades available.  $60- One hour.  Great for men, women or teens. 

Gentleman's Rejuvenating Facial - - One hour

This exfoliating treatment is specifically designed for over-stressed skin caused by shaving and exposure environmental elements and includes: analysis, cleaning, massage, mask, tone and moisturizer. $50 - One hour. Upgrades available. 


This popular treatment of resurfacing the skin is used to improve skin imperfections such as acne, scars, minimize fine lines and wrinkles by exfoliating the skin a little more aggressively with specific products and  machines. This treatment is invigorating and encourages cell renewal and can be added to the express or one hour facial. $15-add-on. 

Back Facial/Treatment - One Hour

Deep cleansing spa treatment to draw out impurities and balance congested skin on the often neglected back. Includes purifying/treatment mask and back massage. $50 - One hour

Anti-Aging Facial - One Hour

Oxygenating, anti-aging, this facial includes products brimming with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and botanical extracts to combat premature aging, as well as treat aging and sensitive skin. Facial includes luxurious and hydrating hand massage and special eye treatment. Skin will be smoother and younger looking. $65 - One hour.

Chemical Peel, Body Wraps and other treatments (eyes, etc)

Aromatherapy, Essential Oils Facial or Back Treatment- Inquire about type and pricing 


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