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Art Events

Welcome to my Art Events page. Here you will find my current & upcoming Art Events and projects, both online & in person. More events will always be posted on my FB & Instagram pages. From here you will be able to call, text or message me with questions, and also link to make payments. If you would like to book an event, commission or fundraiser, please call me. Thank you for being here. 

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Mardi Gras Online Paint Parties!

Let's have some Mardi Gras Fun! This week I will be offering online paint parties (3) themed Mardi Gras. Paint from the comfort of your home, or camper, or wherever you may be. Cue the music 🎶, bring out the masks 🎭 and beads and King Cake 🥮 and let's have a party!

These events will take place inside a private FB group, and possibly on zoom. There will be a minimum of  three (3) live (& recorded) paint parties. I may offer tracers you can download for personal use only please, should you want one. Other bonuses and treats to follow!

Once you have paid, email me (or friend me on fb) so I can invite you to the Mardi Gras Party! Only $10 for all 3 events! 

Payment accepted through Venmo; @Loretta-Lynn-1 or PayPal @Artonwings423


Harry Potter DoorHanger

Paint this adorable Harry Potter Doorhanger, made of quality wood, with 6 separate wood pieces you can place anywhere on your wood base for 3D. Paint this in your favorite "House" colors! 



Fundraiser! Wine & Paint Party

If you're in the West Central Florida area, join us for this awesome fundraiser. We will be painting a wine glass on canvas, painting a wine glass and enjoying a glass of wine, or beverage of your choice, all for only $45, while raising money for Veterans & Children.


Dolly Days! Come Paint Dolly!

If you're in the NW Georgia area, we will be painting Dolly, on canvas. You have the option to give her sparkle with glass & resin. $45 per person. Reservations required. 

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