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Art on Wings is my passion of creating art. From acrylics and watercolors to pastels and Mixed Media, I love to create paintings, drawings, mixed media and collages. While exploring my creative muse I am relaxed, excited, hopeful...and able to calm my anxiety as well as better focus and more. 


There are a plethora of benefits; physical, mental and social, to creating art. You may not believe you have any talent in you, but you do. You just need to find it and release it. Let's play! 

I sell some of my art, but I also enjoy guiding people (adults & kid, especially Veterans and people who have experienced trauma) in a class, workshop, one-on-one, or fun time out (girls night, guys, etc). I also offer Fundraisers and commissions. Or collaborations. 

Contact me to inquire about upcoming classes, or to schedule a fun, healing class/party/workshop/one-on-one or fundraiser. 

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