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Yoga, Yogilife, Ayurveda & Meditation 

Yoga is more than the asanas, poses, we practice on the mat. Yoga is a practice, it is also lifestyle on and off the mat.

"Through the practice of postures we release pent up tensions that have accumulated in our body, and we further refine our physical senses so that we become sensitive, adaptive and resilient. We reacquaint ourselves with the cyclic nature of our breath and its relationship to the sensate wisdom of our body. We learn to inhale completely and open to new experience. We learn to exhale complete and let go of unnecessary tension and the past." (Bringing Yoga to Life, Donna Farhi). 

There are Eight (8) Limbs of Yoga, the Asanas are only one limb, Pranayama, breath work, is another, and meditation another. I discuss more of this during practices and on my social media pages (Facebook-HeartfulYouYoga/BeYogaFull, and Instagram & Youtube - BeYogaFull, separate website coming soon). 

I offer classes, one-on-one coaching and specialty events, classes for kids, adults, seniors, women over 40 and people who have experienced some sort of trauma. I am specializing in Trauma Centered Yoga Therapy. 

I am also offering Corporate Practices, or Wellness in the Workplace. Reach out to discuss your goals & needs. 

A few classes & one-on-ones, themes for adults (just for men, or just for women), Focus, Relaxation, Balance, Refresh, Yoga for Back Pain & more, and for kids, for people of all mobilities, inquire for more. 

Mindful Vinyasa - Relax and focus. In this mindful vinyasa you will be guided through a sequence of poses while seated, standing and reclining while learning breathing techniques and proper alignment. This class, or one on one, will offer attention to detail for each asana. This is suitable for beginners and all levels of yogis, while increasing the fundamentals of Vinyasa yoga on and off the mat. 

Strength Vinyasa - A creative, focused vinyasa for beginners and experienced students. This practice offers flowing sequences of asanas for strength, flexibility and range of motion while matching breath with mindful poses. Some poses may be held longer with more detailed instruction. Modifications will be offered.

Trauma Centered Yoga Therapy. For trauma, anxiety, depression & mental health. A mindful resilience practice. For beginners to advanced yogis. Learn tools to help manage emotions. Create SPaCe. Build confidence. I work with Veterans, women & teens. 

Gentle Flow - A gentle flow of asanas, poses, pairing breath with movement. Great for all levels. Modified yoga poses to help relieve stiffness, reduce pain and fatigue, improve muscle and bone strength, This class is for everybody. 

Yin Yoga - This gentle, relaxing class helps permanently change connective tissue allowing for greater flexibility. Students move from one pose to the next holding each pose for 2-5 minutes. It is very relaxing and meditative. A great way to stretch your body and calm your mind.

Restorative You - This can be 60-90 minutes depending on the client, student. Restorative yoga is wonderful for aiding the body naturally into a deep relaxation. This practice is great for de-stressing, or coming back from an injury, needing a deep rest, seeking emotional support, has a busy life and needs help to nourish and reset the body. Props are used such as: bolsters, blankets, blocks and an eye pillow. Optional: strap, essential oils, music. Calm the nervous system and bring the energy down. This class usually only has about 5-6 poses, allowing for opening the hips, relaxing the low back, ankles, thighs, opens the chest, is good for digestion and improves circulation, among other physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. (price may vary).


Kid's Yoga - This fun, interactive practice for kids offers poses for kids, with a theme to keep them engaged. These poses offer benefits for overall health, helping build their immune system, strength, self-confidence, flexibility, while also calming the mind and helping kids focus. We will also introduce breathing techniques for them to help calm, center and focus, as needed. Class time and price vary. 

Chair, Office & Limited Mobility Yoga - Chair yoga is offered for people of all abilities. I offer custom practices for people with limited mobility (due to injury or for seniors, etc.) and a class for office workers. Increase flexibility, improve strength, digestion, release tension, improve mental clarity and other health benefits such as reducing stress and strain on joints, minimizing falls by increasing balance and boosting your mood. 

Corporate Yoga - Workplace Wellness. Class/practice customized for your work environment, for office to factory or warehouse employees, etc. Practice can be from 30 minutes up, with more than one practice depending upon your needs, from Beginner to Intermediate flow/Vinyasa to improve mental clarity, increase flexibility, reduce stress and strain on joints and more. 

Aromatherapy Yoga - A grounding, centering, relaxing & renewing practice using essential oils (aromatically & topically) to aid in relaxing, grounding and then awakening the body, mind and soul. 

Meditation - From intro classes to longer practice focusing on breath and stillness. Guided meditation with music and occasionally essential oils. 

Ayurveda - individual coaching for in-depth overall health and wellness. By appointment. 

423.605.4719. or 

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Private Coaching $35-45

Contact me for pricing, classes & scheduling

The yoga mat is a powerful place to bring emotions, truth and awareness to the surface because of the body's connection to the parasympathetic nervous system and the oils' activation of the amygdala, the part of the brain that houses trauma and repressed memories. Yoga and essential oils help to deepen and expedite emotional release, one asana at a time. 

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