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Sugar, How do you stop the cravings

Don’t minimize the withdrawals from sugar! If you are detoxing yourself, find a supportive friend to encourage you to push through! If you are supporting a client with a sugar-detox, I've included a helpful guidepost here.

When you get to the other side, you will LOVE the new way your body feels and performs for you! And how phenomenal would that be as a gift to yourself in 2022.

You need a plan to detox from sugar

Whether you’ve returned to sweets because of the holidays or because of stress, you need to go on a sugar detoxification plan to get back on track!

1 – Recognize that you are going to experience significant withdrawals.Withdrawals usually peak at days 2-4. It can take up to a few weeks for your body to recover and develop its new and lower tolerance for sugar. So hang in there!

2 – Make thoughtful and intentional meal choices. Think smaller portions and more frequent meals.

When you have an informed and organized approach with your meal plan, you’ll be much more successful in getting through a sugar detox! A smart and organized approach includes eating smaller meals more frequently. Choose foods that are high in protein and keep carbohydrates (sugar) to less than 10 grams per meal.

Science tip! Protein helps provide your brain and body with the building blocks it uses to make different hormones and neurotransmitters like serotonin which will help decrease sugar cravings.

3 – Distractions & Movement

It’s important to get yourself moving and exercising!

Part of the withdrawals from sugar and sweets is due to decreased levels of endorphins and dopamine in the brain. Exercise will give you those chemicals back! It might shock you how your cravings will decrease or go away entirely when you exercise.

Healthy distractions like a new activity, something you may not normally do, can also stimulate dopamine production. So get creative and get inspired! It’s 2022 and anything is possible!

I want to help you get the hindrance of sugar behind you so that you can start living your healthiest and best life on your healing journey. Email me here, and we can have a conversation.


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