Going Plant-based? (diet)

GOING PLANT-BASED? KNOWN YOUR STUFF. Meat is a primary source of iron. When going plant based you need to make sure your food swaps still provide the nutrients the body needs. Iron assists the body in the formation of hemoglobin in the blood and myoglobin in the muscles. Both of these help to carry oxygen to the muscles. What happens when iron is low and the body can’t assist these processes? Fatigue and tiredness set in both during workouts and throughout the day. Lentils are a plant-based protein that are versatile, easy on the wallet, and check all the best nutrition boxes. Otherwise known as a Pulse, lentils are the edible seed of legumes. You have most likely seen them in your local g

Detox/Cleanse Liver

With so many holidays back to back I have to ask you a serious question, “When was the last time you thought about your liver?” If you are like most people, this amazing organ does not command much of your attention. But if you are interested in living as healthily as possible, attending to your liver can have big payoffs. Named after the Old English word for “life,” the liver is a critically important part of your body. The array of functions it performs is staggering. These include: · Controlling blood sugar · Regulating fat storage · Producing proteins · Cleansing the blood · Metabolizing fat · Producing energy However, if toxins clog an

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