Tips to Boost Your Immune System & How to Reinforce Your Health

During this wonderful time of year, many people become susceptible to seasonal threats of the misery of colds and flu. There are plenty of remedies and preventative measures for minimizing and eliminating stress, which weakens the immune system, thus allowing our bodies to be attacked. This post includes measures to help prevent, or at least shorten the duration of, any mind numbing and holiday wrecking cold or flu. Wash Your Hands frequently with an antibacterial soap, or essential oils. Also, try not to touch your face. Germs are everywhere, from door handles to cell phones and even money. Be aware your surroundings. Carry a small sanitizer with you. A few essential oils known for their an

Less Stress, More Joy this Holiday Season

For most people, the aroma of clove and cinnamon is uplifting and relaxing; oftentimes it reminds people of the holidays, family and joy. It’s usually present around Thanksgiving and Christmas along with the earthy scent of pine, usually from live pine trees brought into the home for decorating. Although most people are excited, happy and giving during the holiday season, they are also stressed. And for some, this time of year can be depressing or upsetting. The sense of smell is the strongest sense in our body. Studies have shown that smell is the fastest way to affect mood. Aromatic molecules have direct access to the limbic are, or emotional seat, of the brain. When diffused, certain esse

A Little History & Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils have been around for thousands of years. They’re not a fad or a trend. In 3500 B.C., Egyptians used plant extracts for health, cosmetic and religious purposes. Around 460 B.C., Hippocrates, the father of modern health, used plants to heal his patients. And all Christians know that the baby Jesus was given frankincense and myrrh. Essential oils have many therapeutic benefits, both physical and emotional. Decades of clinical studies in the United States and other countries have proven their efficacy. Vanderbilt Hospital uses essential oils in its’ emergency room and many other clinics and doctors around the country include them in their treatment plans. Individuals are using the

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