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Tea Bags, So Many Healthy Uses

There are many uses for those filtered tea leaves (tea bags or loose leaves) from your garden to beauty! Tea leaves contain about 4.15% nitrogen as well as other nutrients that can nourish the soil. The tannic acid can lower your soil's pH.

1. Compost. Tea helps speed up the decomposition process of organic matter. You can add paper or muslin tea bags to the compost pile. For non-biodegradable bags, slit them open and use the moist tea leaves in your compost.

2. Fertilizer. Roses love tea fertilizer, as well as houseplants and garden plants like ferns. So brew up some tea or mix damp black tea leaves into the soil, or spread it around the base of the plant. Keep in mind that tea's acidity might not be beneficial for plants that need neutral or alkaline soil.

3. Outdoor Remedies. You can treat poison ivy, sunburn, or bug bites with tea bags. For stings and bites use a used and cooled tea bag to relieve itching or sting. You can make tea and add it to lukewarm water in a bath. Soak up its healing properties to treat poison ivy or sunburn.

4. Garden Pests. Rodents and cats don't like the smell. you can also keep bugs and snails away with some tea leaves sprinkled into the soil. Caffeine contained in your tea can keep pests from eating or urinating on your garden turf.

5. Fungus Fighter. Water your plants with diluted brewed tea to prevent fungicide. Chamomile is special for dispatching fungus from plants as it works amazing. Steep a few bags of chamomile tea for 16 to 24 hours before using a spray or water solution.

6. Lawn Fixer. You can soak grass seed in brewed tea before sprinkling in your yard. Or, you cna plant used tea bags in dirt with fresh grass seed to help new grassy hairs sprout.

7. Sprout seeds. You can also germinate seeds inside of tea bags to get your plants started. Dampen the bags, slice them open and place 1 seed inside of each bag. Put them in sunlight and keep them moist until the seeds start to sprout.

8. Water and dirt Retainer. Tea bags can help you keep dirt in the pot and retain water as well, If planted in soil holes, tea bags help keep roots moist upon replanting seeds.

9. Weed killer. You cna turn loose leaves or bag of tea into a weed killig solution. Simply apply brewed black tea to weeds or make a tea recipe of citrus, tea and water. You can also use black tea steeped in a jar of vinegar and orange rind.

10. Beauty. And yes, used tea bags are great for getting rid of puffy or swollen eyes (around the eyes). Place cooled tea bags on closed eyes and leave on for 3-5 minutes.

11. Deter household pests. Dry out tea bags and add a drop or two of essential oils to keep pests away. Mice hate peppermint and moths and spiders dislike lavender, rosemary, mint, cloves or eucalyptus. Place them in the back of drawers or in cupboards like you would a scented sachet.

12. Keep the house smelling fresh. Freshen the fridge by placing a couple of used tea bags in a small bowl and leave them to absorb any strong smells. You can also deodorize strainers in the same way and also by adding a few essential oils, like lavender or lemon.

13. Rub used tea bags over cast iron pots and pans to help prevent rust from forming. Over time the tannings from black tea leaves will build a protective layer that prevents oxiadation.

14. Clean and polish wood. Tea bags also make a great polish for hardwood floors and wood furniture, because the tannins bring out the natural shine of wood and help cover marks and scratches. Rub over wooden surfaces and then buff up with a soft cloth for a rich shine. Make sure tea bags ar eonly damp.

15. Tea is packed with antioxidants and polyphenols, so it's great for adding shine, condition and strenght to your hair. It balances pH levels of the scalp which has both a calming and anti-inflammatory effect while also preventing dandruff. The natural caffeine in tea is also good for stimulating hair growth.

Some Beauty Uses:

Used green tea bags can help protect and beautify your skin in a number of ways.

16. Treat Mild Acne. The catechins in green tea have anibacterial properties that help fight acne-causing bacteria. Brew a cup of green tea, set the bag aside for 30 minutes. Place the used tea bag directly on the affected skin for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse off your skin with cool water. Do this twice daily until you have acne-free skin.

17. Fight Aging Signs. Green tea has anti-aging and antioxidant properties that help improve skin complexion and elasticity. It evens delays signs of skin aging, such as saggin gskin, sun damage, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles. In a study, green tea aids in skin rejuvenaiton. Transfer the contents of 2 used green tea bags into a bowl. Mix in 1 to 2 teaspoons of raw honey and a little lemon juice, or one drop of lemon essential oil. Apply on face and neck. Allow to sit for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse off with lukewarm water. Use this once or twice per week. (This may not be suitable for sensitive skin).

From toothaches to razor burns, tea bags have many "hacks". Stay tuned for more uses!

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