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10 Ways to Boost Your Bliss

Stay well rested -- The average person needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. However, those who are stressed may need even more winks. Lack of sleep interferes with our ability to cope, and nothing sours a mood quite like overtiredness. Reduce irritability by increasing your shuteye.

Show gratitude -- A positive attitude begins with being grateful for what’s already been received. Start each day by writing down or contemplating something you’re thankful for.

Laugh at yourself, smile at others -- Laughing in the midst of challenges makes troubles seem less threatening. Find something funny about daily frustrations to help conquer life’s annoyances. Share your smiles with others because when we give someone else a pick-me-up, we give ourselves one too.

Play -- Grant yourself permission to be silly and childlike at least once a day. Being playful can lead to sudden inspirations, new solutions and creative pursuits.

Practice the art of nonresistance -- Remain in the current moment to find joy in the present. Don’t try to forecast the future by projecting struggles beyond their knowable range. Instead of trying to control what can’t be controlled, experience the exhilaration of living fully in the here and now.

Find supportive friends -- Surround yourself with family and friends whose traits and behaviors you admire. Steer clear of those who are insensitive, hypercritical or lack your vision for success.

Set attainable goals -- Visualize your deepest desires, but set attainable goals to achieve those dreams. A series of small accomplishments will build confidence while you’re working toward major milestones.

Get organized -- Set aside time each week to organize your surroundings. Declare a “deal with it” day, a period to tackle errands, chores and minor repairs you’ve been ignoring. Clear out physical clutter to lessen stress and lighten your spirits.

Experience nature -- Step outdoors and witness the varieties of plants, animals and insects. Marvel at the clouds, sun, moon or stars. When we surround ourselves with nature, we’re better able to put our problems into perspective. That tree we’re looking at might have stood for 100+ years despite countless storms. We, too, are equally resilient.

Be authentic -- Live each day on your own terms, actively choosing the path that is right for you. Be honest and faithful to your true self, and fully embrace your worth. Don’t let anyone else’s desires for you sidetrack you from your life’s mission. Say “no” when you need to. Remember that you alone get to decide what makes you happy.

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