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Instant Beauty & Beauty Hacks

We live in an instantaneous society. Men and women want or expect instant results. Whether making coffee, trying to get internet access and speed, climbing the corporate ladder, even when it comes to our health, we expect doctors to “fix it” and we go about our hectic and often, unhealthy life. If we want change, whether it’s aesthetic beauty or just feeling healthier and being healthier, we have to understand it’s a lifestyle. We may have spent years learning bad habits and now we need to take the time and invest in ourselves if we want quality of life.

Most people want to save money and time, or other resources with shortcuts, however, not all shortcuts are prudent. Take for example some “Beauty Hacks” that celebrities and others share, promote or talk about. These hacks are not healthy.

Coconut oil as a face moisturizer. Wait, before you stop, please read for the warning. Coconut oil does offer other benefits such as for cooking or rubbing it in your hair, but, unless you never experience breakouts and your skin is Mojave-desert dry, you’re asking for clogged pores. It can be used for shaving your legs. But again, you don’t want to clog the hair follicles either. Be sure to use a good body scrub afterwards. Looking for a good moisturizer? Then head on in to your favorite spa (Loretta Lynn's Oils & Health Essentials Tn) for a healthy and pampering facial and talk to us about nourishing and healing your skin. All skin types need a good moisturizer. In a pinch, you can use raw, organic honey which has antimicrobial properties and is an anti-inflammatory. Or use Shea Butter, rich in triglycerides or Aloe, it’s high in vitamins A,C,E and B12, which help reduce damage done by free radicals and contains inflammation reducing enzymes. Avocado offers a plethora of waxes, minerals, proteins and vitamins and studies show it can be a nourishing antioxidant and can increase collagen synthesis (bonus!). If you have acne; buttermilk or yogurt is a great substitute.

Lemon or lime juice for eliminating dead skin, exfoliating your skin. When you force these super-acidic juices on your skin, they are too harsh and if you’re exposed to the sun, they can trigger a chemical reaction that causes a rash, a sever (blister-level) burn or blotches of hyperpigmentation. Lemon is photosensitive, as are most citric juices and oils.

Exfoliating with sugar, salt or baking soda. These are popular in DIY-Do It Yourself scrubs, spa products, but they have rough or jagged edges, and are too harsh, especially on sensitive, acne or skin with rosacea. They can leave your skin red and raw, and affect the pH of your skin, it’s acid mantle. When the acid mantle is disrupted, skin is more prone to irritation, breakouts and superficial infections. Buttermilk or yogurt, fermented dairy products contain lactic acid, offer gentle exfoliation and hydration for your skin. A mask with yogurt has shown improved moisture, elasticity and brightness.

Putting toothpaste on pimples. Yes, we know it may dry out pimples because it has baking soda and peroxide, however, it may also leave your skin more red and irritated. The gritty toothpaste can cause tiny red and rashy bumps. Additionally, the ingredients in toothpaste affects the pH of your skin, allowing for bacteria to invade and make it worse. A few safe items from your kitchen include: Oats, colloidal oat, is great for sensitive skin and for calming; offers anti-inflammatory properties and antihistamine effects. Great in a mask or in a bath! Or Buttermilk or yogurt, as mentioned above, a natural skin treatment with microbiome probiotics which are beneficial for acne-prone skin, when taken orally or topically.

And don’t get us started on using glue on your face as a mask or for pimples. It will cause breakouts, rip off skin, damage the skin barrier, clog pores, can lead to irritation, inflammation, hyperpigmentation and infection.

So please, for your health, your skin, and your wallet, don’t put products on your skin unless your aesthetician or dermatologist approves. Leave the glue for glitter cards and lemons for lemonade and the sugar and spice for cooking.

And we look forward to seeing you at Health Essentials Tn for real skin and beauty treatments to nourish, heal and pamper your skin and body. Call today and schedule your secret beauty treatments (hacks), but please feel free to share your secret and bring a friend!

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