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DIY Skincare Cheat Sheet


  • Meditation, Stretching AM/PM

  • Drink plenty of water, infuse with essential oils more benefits

  • Cleanse, Tone & Moisturize face, neck, AM & PM

  • Use Target Skincare & Essential Oils as needed

  • Apply sunscreen

  • Take warm shower/bath

  • Dry Lymphatic Brushing

  • Get 8 hours sleep

  • Take whole-food supplements (vitamins/minerals, etc.)


  • Eat healthy meals & snacks, meal prep

  • Exfoliate face & body

  • Give yourself a facial

  • Give yourself a mani/pedi

  • Get 150 min. of moderate-intensity activity

  • Change your pillowcase

  • Give yourself a scalp massage


  • Relax, nurture body with Massage at spa

  • Hot oil treatment, hair, nails

  • Get a professional Mani and/or pedi, if needed

  • Do breast exam

  • Examine your skin for changing moles

  • Get hair trimmed and/or touch-up as needed

  • Clean your make-up brushes, more often if necessary


  • Get a professional facial & check your skin care products

  • Clean up your makeup bag

  • Treat yourself to a pedicure


  • Annual check ups

  • Treat yourself to a day at the spa

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