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Spa's in NE Florida

"Meditation is not a thought, it is an experience," Frank Lloyd Wright.

From early settlers, like Ponce de Leon and his Fountain of Youth, to baby boomers of today people, people from all parts of the globe are seeking peace, tranquility and the elusive youthful appearance and feeling. Day Spas and Resort Spas were a niche in the nineties, now they are clamoring to pamper you. Men and women, even teens and athletes have customized therapies, and relaxing and re-hydrating services.

Boutique spas, like Debbie's Day Spa in St. Augustine, FL, offer pampering services for the busy executive, dedicated athlete and the domestic engineers ranging from cranberry soak pedicures, paraffin wax manicures, aromatherapy and cultural massages to re-hydrating, anti-aging and baby boomer facials.

Whether you go to a resort or day spa, treatments are customized for your unique skin care needs and goals. Facials, massages and other treatments should be part of your routine including diet and exercise. With the advancement in technology, you have a plethora of products to choose from, including Vitamin A and Vitamin E, from acne to anti-aging treatments. (More on these in future articles).

Have a birthday coming up? Or looking for something unique to give someone special? Maybe a mother-to-be? A new bride? Spas and resorts, like The Spa at LaTerra or Sawgrass Mariott, are catering to couples and groups with customized activities and healthy, delectable cuisine.

The word "spa" is an acronym for the Latin phrase "sanus per aquam", which means health through water.

Unwind in the hydro relaxation room, while sipping sparkling water, or sweat it out in the eucolyptus scented sauna. Cleanse your skin with sea salts scrubs, wrap yourself in a milk and honey re-hydration cocoon, against the quiet, beach side backdrop. Most services at resort spas are available in a private cabana outside upon request.

Melt away stress, and rejuvenate your senses under a cascading waterfall at the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club, with a new 28,000 square foot full-service spa on the sun-drenched, sparkling shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

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